Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch

Committed to making a difference

About Us 

Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch was established in 2011 and is deemed the “mother” of Neighbourhood Watches, now covering Sectors two, three and four in Kuils River.

It kicked off with only three members patrolling all three sectors. As membership increased, it was decided to sub divide into smaller areas and Soneike Buurtwag,  Langverwacht and Surrounds Neighbourhood Watch were born.

Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch is a community driven Neighbourhood Watch, and is registered with the local Community Police Forum (CPF) and the Department of Community Safety (DoCS) of the Western Cape, and is fully accredited since September 2018. 

Membership is free and it is a non-sexist and non-political organisation.  Membership is subject to SAPS clearance, which nowadays includes the taking of fingerprints in order to establish any existing or prior criminal record when applying for membership.  Each member is issued with an identity card to be worn by the member when patrolling or when on official duty. Once accreditation has been granted by DoCS, a new Membership ID tag with photo and insignia of both, the NHW as well as the Community Safety emblem will be issued. All members are required to sign the updated and combined DoCS and ASCW Code of Conduct as per the Constitutions of Amandel  and Surrounds Crime Watch (ASCW) and the Department of Community Safety (DoCS) of the Western Cape. Full patroller membership is only granted after completion of the Patrol, Radio and Legal training.  Trainers are senior members with special competencies, that are appointed by the Amandel and Surrounds Executive Committee.

Amandel and Surrounds Crime Watch operates in conjunction with the Kuils River SAPS and local Armed Response Companies, under the SAPS Operations Commander Captain Viviers and Sector Commander Sergeant Compion.

Communication by radio is routed through the Northern Suburbs neighbourhood Watch Control Room.  Neighbourhood Watch Radio owners as well as Kuils River SAPS and some Armed Response companies are communicating on the same radio frequency. 

We acknowledge therefore the contribution of the frequency license holder and their technical infrastructure, being part of their Social Responsibility commitment to the community which we, as ASCW members, really appreciate.

The main objective of a Neighbourhood Watch is to act as additional eyes and ears for the SAPS and to report suspicious activities. No contact with criminal elements is allowed and members are trained to conduct themselves within the framework of the law at all times.

As a Neighbourhood Watch we also provide support in medical, accidents, fire and other emergency situation.

For The Community – By The Community 

Report suspicious activities to DCI Control at 086 066 6662