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Note these important telephone numbers for your area.


The situation might arise where you need to describe a suspect or suspicious person to an officer of the law, to a controller via radio or during the taking down of a statement.

The attached sketch will act as a prompt when trying to identify and remember the salient points about the person. Don't forget to indicate whether male of female.


Rubbish Bins:

You might not be aware of how a simple rubbish bin can be used as a "Tool for Crime". Don't take out the garbage bin the night before, but try and do this in the morning, before the truck comes around. that way, it doesn't attract that many vagrants and you garbage is less likely to litter the entire street.


Here's a reminder from the City Of Cape Town

This is an Important Reminder

NB: It is a criminal offence to steal a garbage bin. Anyone seeing or being witness to such a theft, please contact ALERT at 086 066 6662 to report the incidence. If your bin has been stolen, you need to obtain a case number at your local police station should you want to be re-issued with a bin from the municipality. Without a case number it costs you approximately R650.00 to replace your bin at your own cost.  

Daar is darem ook goeie nuus met betrekking tot die vullisdromme. Lees gerus.....



Onlangs het hierdie koerantberig verskyn wat die moeite werd is om weer te lees. Die booswigte is orals en ons kan nie versigtig genoeg wees nie. Praat maar gerus met julle tieners oor algemene veiligheid.